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Morris Cerullo’s School of Ministry

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You have to want to change. You have to want to break away from your traditions in order to walk in this power experience.


Dr. Morris Cerullo

Dr. Morris Cerullo

Morris Cerullo was born 82 years ago and, at the age of 2, his mother died and his father was absent as a result of alcoholism.  He was soon turned over to an Orthodox Jewish orphanage where, at the age of 14 ½, he accepted Christ as his Messiah and he ran away from the orphanage.
From that time until this (68 years in ministry) Morris Cerullo has been used as an instrument of God to pray and to see hundreds of thousands of miracles. In 1962 his ministry changed.  Seeing that he could not reach the world himself, he answered God’s question “What do you want out of this life?”  Morris said, “I want to take the anointing that you have placed on my life and give it to others.” God’s response was “Son, build me an army”. Now, over 4 million foreign nationals have been trained by Morris Cerullo through his “School of Ministry”, the school with a difference.
The teaching you will receive over this daily radio broadcast is the same anointed teachings he has given to these nationals. Morris Cerullo encourages you to listen to the broadcast and receive the anointed word directly from God.  You will receive your healing and breakthrough. Please tune in daily and discover that your life, your family, your finances and your ministry will never be the same.  Call a friend.  This is your time for victory!  This is your time to experience the miracle working power of God!

The major thrust of Dr. Cerullo’s ministry changed in 1962 when God granted his prayer to pass on the anointing God had placed on his live to others. He immediately began training nationals. First one on one and then in small groups and then to thousands in Schools of Ministry. The purpose was to Build God an Army to build and Strengthen the Church. Dr. Cerullo has been influential in his efforts to Strengthen the Church as he has been led by the Spirit of God in virtually every nation of the World. The following are a few examples: Beginning in 1970 and continuing for fourteen consecutive years, Morris prophesied that the Iron Curtain would come down. He stood in the Royal Albert Hall in Great Britain, before approximately 7,000 people, and prophesied that all of Russia would open and the Berlin Wall would come down. On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall, separating East and West Germany for more than thirty years, was demolished. This led to the reunification of Germany on July 1, 1990. From November 1991 until April 1992, eighteen new nations were established. The door for evangelism throughout Russia and Europe swung wide open! At this strategic point in 1990, as Russia was opening to the Gospel, God sent Cerullo to Moscow, Russia, where 10,000 people packed into the Izmyloski Sports Hall for the first public healing and evangelistic Miracle Crusade. This was the first crusade conducted in Moscow since the Bolshevik Revolution. Thousands of Russians were saved. Doors were opened for him to go on primetime television where he led a potential 20,000,000 viewers in the Sinner’s Prayer and prayed for the sick. In 1986, during the revolution in the Philippines, God sent Morris to Manila with a prophetic word to strengthen the church throughout the nation during a time of crisis. He trained more than 4,000 Nationals in a School of Ministry. God spoke to Morris early in 1998 to prepare to go to Indonesia to conduct a seminar and crusade. From April 30 to May 1, 1998, he conducted meetings in Surabaya and Jakarta. In Surabaya, the auditorium was packed with 7,000 believers with 5,000 standing outside. In Jakarta, 12,000 packed the auditorium with 10,000 unable to get inside. During the meetings, God gave Dr. Cerullo a special prophetic word for the Church in Indonesia. He told them, “God is in control, not the government, not Satan but God. You don’t need to worry. God is in control of His people.” Within a couple of weeks of that meeting Indonesia experienced economic and political disaster. Banks collapsed. Houses were stripped and burned, women were raped. Protests and riots erupted over government corruption and price increases. The situation escalated to total anarchy on May 14 with more than 200 people having been killed. God sent Morris ahead with a prophetic word to prepare the people for what was coming. God has used Dr. Cerullo with routine regularity to go into nations before a natural disaster hits, political change is about to take place or economic crisis is on the horizon to Strengthen the Church and to train nationals to encourage and build up the Church. Dr. Morris Cerullo, President of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, is a man with a heart that beats for reaching souls. In more than 61 years of ministry, most of his time has been spent in worldwide evangelism, going to the nations preaching and teaching a powerful, un-compromised message of salvation, healing and deliverance. Thousands of nationals and literally millions of people around the world have acknowledged Morris Cerullo as one of the leading apostles and prophets of the 20th century, now going into the 21st century.

Beginning in 1999, Morris pioneered new spiritual territory in many nations considered closed to the Gospel, making spiritual history in the Middle East! More than 22,000 Nationals from eleven Middle East countries received spiritual breakthroughs that enabled them to reach their countries in a demonstration of God’s power. The eleven countries were; Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Cyprus, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Qatar and Bahrain. In an historic meeting on February 6, 2000, Dr. Cerullo met with King Abdullah of Jordan who pledged his support for the Middle East International Conference conducted in Amman, Jordan, September 19-22, 2000. More than 2,200 delegates experienced a fiery anointing of God’s Spirit during this historic conference. Leaders and believers from seventeen countries in the Middle East were empowered to reach their nation with the Gospel. Many honors have been bestowed upon Morris Cerullo, including honorary doctorates of divinity and humanities, academic leaders, spiritual leaders and presidents of nations, in recognition of his achievements and contributions to global evangelization. Few ministers have had such an impact on the destiny of the nations of the world. Morris Cerullo’s life has been sacrificially dedicated to training and spiritually equipping pastors, lay people and evangelists to reach their nations for Christ with a supernatural endowment of God’s power.

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