Fast Change Operation Soldier Care

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Join us for  live remotes for Fast Change Operation Soldier Care!

Saturday, July 29 from 1-4 p.m.
Fast Change Lube and Oil
217 E. Main Street, Milton 


Wednesday, August 9 from 2-5 p.m.
Huntington Internal Medicine Group


Drop Off Locations: 
Fast Change Lube and Oil, any location
Huntington Internal Medicine Group, just off 29th Street exit of I-64
Victorian Finance: 3423 US Route 60, Barboursville, WV
Victorian Finance: 3818 Teays Valley Road, Hurricane, WV
Team Nash Realtors: 6007 US Route 60 E, Suite 240, Barboursville, WV
Team Nash Realtors: 113 Liberty Square, Hurricane, WV

Everyday thousands of US soldiers across the globe sacrificially risk their lives for you and I.  A lifetime compensation plan,  a free education,  a purple heart…. Nothing could ever begin to repay these brave men and women for their commitment to this great Country.

(upbeat-inspirational) Fast Change Oil and Lube locations of the Tri-State and Kanawha Valley,   FM 107-9 WEMM and 1200 WZPS-The Spirit…invite you to join with us for a 10 week tour across our listening area as we collect approved items to send to our troops in care packages…

The Fast Change Oil and Lube Operation Soldier Care will take place at various locations across the tri-state.  Be listening for broadcasts on location and different drop off points.   At the end of the 10 week tour, Military Missions in Lexington will assemble the care packages and distribute them on behalf of our listeners.

Download the "Approved Care Items" List 


Approved Care Items

Hygiene                                                                       Miscellaneous   

Deodorant, Lip Balm                                                 Headsets

Toothbrushes, Toothpaste                                          Ear Buds

Dental Floss, Lens Cleaning Cloths                          Batteries AA/D

Razors, Individually Packaged                                  Word Searches

Moist Towelettes/Baby Wipes                         Crossword Puzzles

Foot Powder, Travel Size                                           Comic Books

Facial Tissues, Small Packages                                 Travel Size Games

Cotton Swabs, Eye Drops                                          Hand and Foot

Aspirin, Feminine Hygiene Items                                 Warmers

Athlete’s Foot Ointment                                             Ink Pens

Shaving Cream, gel or cream                                    Beanie Babies

Sunscreen Cloths


Foods                                                                            Clothes

Energy Bars, Beef Jerky                                            Knit Hats

Health Snacks, Tea Bags                                           Scarves

Cold Cereal/Instant Oatmeal (Individual Pkgs)        T-Shirts

Sunflower Seeds, Nuts, Pretzels (Ind. Pkgs)             Ball Caps

Tuna/Chicken Salad Kits                                           Socks, Cotton

Ramen Noodle Packages (not cups)                          (Black, Brown,

Flavor Sticks (for bottles of water)                             Green, or Tan),

Hot Chocolate/Apple Cider (powdered packets)        NO WHITE

Cheese Crackers, Cookies

Nuts (Ind. Pkgs), Pringles (small size)

Packets of Taco Bell Hot Sauces, Mustard,



The Fast Change Oil and Lube-Operation Soldier Care…

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”
It’s time to honor our brave men and women… God  bless you from FM107-9 WEMM and 1200 WZPS… The Spirit!