Sharing the Gospel

Sharing the Gospel

Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:14 AM

Sharing the Gospel
Speaker: Evangelist Mike Blanton

PMB Evidence Ministries, Inc
6826 Ridpath Road
Grove City, Ohio 43132


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About Sharing the Gospel and the Blantons:

e6e9d78b2ab2aad2fc62e4bfb8f78939 (1)Mike Blanton is a well known Evangelist throughout the Midwest and through the years has developed a name amongst Traditional Congregations from The Great Lakes to Kentucky and all over. Radio Ministry is a new step of faith for Mike Blanton and he says its been a long time coming but he knows God is in this Ministry. Many became acquainted with Brother Mike through his affiliated Music Ministry, Evidence.

Mike and and his wife, Teresa, started singing together in 1982 the year they married and have had different people join in with them thru the years, but in 1996 the group Evidence was formed. They have had a few personnel changes but have traveled endlessly singing to crowds of all sizes. Their music has touched many as well as Mikes anointed preaching. We hope if they are in your area you will make a point to attend a service and see for yourself.

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