About Us


107.9 WEMM – A Legendary 50,000-watt Christian Station in the Tri-State area.

WEMM-FM is a 50,000 watt Christian Teaching and Talk radio station licensed to Huntington, West Virginia.

WEMM-FM began with the vision of Jack M. Mortenson, and his late father, Dr. E. M. Mortenson. After several very successful joint ventures, including the start-up and being the Pastor of Faith Memorial Baptist Church in Canton, Ohio, the father and son became interested in Christian broadcasting and applied for a construction permit from the Federal Communication Commission for WEMM-FM. They received the construction permit, but unfortunately, Dr. Mortenson passed away before the station could be built and put on the air. After the death of his father in 1970, Jack finished construction of WEMM-FM and re-directed his career to focus exclusively on the development of a network of Christian radio stations. He became one of the early pioneers in the development of Christian radio broadcasting and operated a very successful Christian radio broadcasting network of radio stations.

WEMM-FM became known nationally as one of the premier Christian teaching and talk radio station and built a solid audience base in the Tri-State area.

Throughout its history since it first went on the air in the 1970’s, WEMM-FM has been a beacon offering Christian teaching and preaching, Christian talk, Christian music, and Southern Gospel music. WEMM-FM also serves its community with news and weather reports and helps with numerous service projects, fund raisers, and relief causes each year.

In 2018, Jack Mortenson, contemplating his retirement, began to look for a new owner for WEMM-FM. He hoped to find another broadcaster that would carry on his legacy and the rich history that he had built with WEMM-FM. After several conversations Jack agreed to sell the station to Bristol Broadcasting Company.

 Bristol Broadcasting Company purchased WEMM-FM in June 2018 and now is pleased to operate the station with Jack’s vision and the same Christian format that has been part of listeners’ lives for more than five decades.

WEMM-FM is commercially operated and does not solicit or accept donations from listeners. Bristol Broadcasting Company does, however, encourage WEMM-FM listeners to support the programs aired on the station and to patronize its commercial advertisers. Listeners who financially support WEMM-FM sponsors and program partners are also supporting the stations efforts to remain a voice of Christian hope in the Tri-State area.

Let WEMM-FM be of service to you. Call (304) 525-5141 or click here for station contact information.