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Why Advertise on 107.9  WEMM?

First, WEMM reaches an incredibly large and unique audience. Each day thousands tune to 107.9 for their favorite programs. And, this audience is fiercely loyal to WEMM. They share the Christian world view the station represents and appreciate that WEMM has provided its special blend of programming consistently for decades.

Because of their strong support for the station, WEMM listeners are far more likely to patronize merchants and businesses that advertise on WEMM than are casual listeners to other radio stations. WEMM listeners understand that advertisers on their favorite station make it possible for the station to continue and grow, and they will visit these businesses, buy their wares, and will spread the word to others about these supporting businesses.

WEMM listeners also tend to have higher incomes, longer residency and job times, and impeccable credit scores. That makes them more qualified buyers and aids in their transacting business with you.  

When you advertise on WEMM, you also support the many community projects, fundraisers, and service events undertaken each year by WEMM. The synergy created by WEMM working with church and civic groups, listeners, and sponsoring businesses is a real force for good in the community. As an advertiser you will know you were part of making our neighborhoods better through these projects, and your business will enjoy the warm accolades of the community.

So, simply put, advertising on 107.9 WEMM is good for your business! The return on your investment will be more that just extra customers, more business, and larger profits. Your ROI will include a warm feeling inside and a sense that you made a difference.

We Have a Plan for You

The WEMM staff will customize an advertising plan for your business. We have plans to fit any business from the largest conglomerate to the smallest “mom ‘n pop” store. We also produce commercial announcements that will deliver your message more effectively. Give us a call and let us show you how we can work with you.

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