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Wake up with Greg Laurie and A New Beginning!

Wake up with Greg Laurie and A New Beginning!

(Riverside, CA)  Listeners all over the Tri-State and Kanawha Valley are listening and loving

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  • Nearly 70% of born-again Christians say other religions can lead to Heaven: study
    Nearly 70% of born-again Christians disagree with the biblical position that Jesus is the only way to God, according to a new survey from Probe Ministries, a nonprofit that seeks to help the Church in renewing the minds of believers with a Christian worldview.
  • Should Christians surrender American public schools?
    Thousands of Christians in China, Iran, and Africa still pay the ultimate price to preach the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. How then can we justify a total surrender of American public schools?
  • The primary stakeholder in schools: Parents or educrats?
    But the Left is pushing back. Perhaps the most galling thing about this debate is the arrogance of the educrats who think they are the ones who should be responsible for the education of the children—not the parents.
  • How Christians are stepping up to welcome Afghan refugees
    Even as Afghanistan has faded from the headlines, the work of welcoming and supporting those refugees continues in earnest. Christians and churches have been on the frontlines of welcoming brave Afghans, perhaps up to 95,000, who have risked everything for a new life here.
  • The Southwest saga: A serious blow to vaccine mandates
    Sometimes we just need someone to help show us the way, to inspire us to take action. That someone were our pilot friends at Southwest Airlines, who just happened to have their moral compasses pointing due North.
  • Who is Va. governor candidate Glenn Youngkin?
    I’ve been in political campaigns “since I was old enough to get my nose up to the buffet line” (a quote from the campaign trail). For more than five decades, I have worked in the campaigns of many exemplary candidates; however, Glenn Youngkin is an exceptional candidate at an exceptional time in our nation’s history.
  • UK charity raises over $2.5M to build ‘Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer’
    A Christian charity based in the United Kingdom has raised over $2.5 million to fund the construction of an Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer which, once built, is expected to stand around 160 feet tall.