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  • Patricia Heaton and 'The Middle' Co-Star Jen Ray Visit Refugees in Uganda With World Vision
    After wrapping up the series finale of the ABC show "The Middle," actresses Patricia Heaton and Jen Ray traveled with the evangelical humanitarian aid agency World Vision to serve South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.
  • Gog, Magog, Russia, Syria and the Biblical End Times
    Are we living in the biblical end times? That's a question that has consistently emerged over the past two millennia, with scores of Christians wondering when Jesus' second coming will unfold. It's a topic that famed Christian author Joel Rosenberg has often discussed, as the prophecy expert routinely shares what he believes the Bible says […]
  • Pride Fuels Ingratitude
    Entitlement always rises as pride rises. It is impossible to be filled with humility and a sense of entitlement at the same time. Whenever we feel we are owed something it is because we have forgotten that God is the One who gives all good things.
  • The Victories and Tragedy of King Solomon the Wise
    Solomon's legacy is quite full of contrary themes. King Solomon worshiped God almighty and established the temple, yet Solomon was later turned to foreign gods.

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