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Wake up with Greg Laurie and A New Beginning!

Wake up with Greg Laurie and A New Beginning!

(Riverside, CA)  Listeners all over the Tri-State and Kanawha Valley are listening and loving

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  • Shane & Shane talk making worship music for the Church that's edifying
    Worship duo Shane & Shane are on a mission to create music that is “helpful” for the Church, fueled by the belief that true, deep worship is one of the primary ways God proclaims His name to the nations.
  • EU scraps inclusive language guidelines advising Christmas be replaced with 'holiday times'
    The executive branch of the European Union has withdrawn its “guidelines for inclusive communication,” which suggested that European Commission officials “update” the language they use by replacing the word “Christmas” with “holiday times" and avoiding “gendered” words.
  • US gov’t raises ‘serious concern’ over UN resolution omitting Jewish ties to Temple Mount
    The United States has raised “serious concern” over a resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly, which is part of what is known as the “Palestinian Package” and refers to Judaism’s most holy site, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where the first and second Jewish Temples once stood, by only its Muslim name, al-Haram […]
  • The third worldizing of America
    Neistat was right in identifying a pandemic of crime in Los Angeles as Third Worldization. But so was Rogen, though unknowingly so. The actor played the predictable role of the smug, indifferent Third World rich who master ignoring — and navigating around — the misery of others in their midst.
  • Blame it on Luther?
    The above is not intended as a piece of Protestant triumphalism. Rather, it is a call for more self-awareness regarding the matter of the problems of our present age.
  • Jefferson's statue and America
    Fallen humanity’s plight, prone to exploitation and tyranny, saddling some while booting others, would be hopeless but for providential interventions through flawed instruments like Jefferson. New York’s city council is self-righteous to think themselves his superior. Instead we should give thanks that God deploys the unworthy to achieve His will on earth.
  • The overturning of Roe v. Wade and the call to ‘beat the arrows’ in prayer
    So, let us press in to God like never before, also asking for His mercy on our land after the shedding of so much innocent blood and after so much indifference from so many of us. Let us seize this holy, historic moment and not let it go – for the ultimate good of all […]